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How it Works?

  • It's simple...Register in our office,  On this site,  even over the phone 732-543-0135
  • Go over your criteria and schedule with Customer Service.
  • Contact Customer Service who will put together listings that match, contact the landlords to verify availability and criteria. we will email the rentals to you. all you have to di is followup and confirm appointments according to your schedule.
  • You can also contact the landlords directly.
  • You can set up a custom report on this site. The data base will automatically e-mail the listings that match your specific criteria everyday for as long as you need .
  • You have access to live customer service everyday, who will help with appointments, negotiating pets, rental programs, ect.

About Us

The Owner has spent over 30+ years helping people find rentals in New Jersey  

We are the only Rental referral agency that will assist in settting appointments.

We are the only Company with live customer service everyday.

We are the only Company with automatic custom email reports.

We are the only Company with live help until 11pm weekdays

Our listings are the only ones that expire in 30 days. Pay attention to the dates on OUR listings and then look at the dates on other sites. Some of them are as old as 90 days.

We Add 50+ New Listings to this data base every single day!

We specializes in Rentals only. 

We do not sell you a password ..... And We DO NOT leave you out there on your own! 

A Customer Service Rep. will work with you. Start to Finish.

Many company's with a similar fee, Only sell you a list of unverified and mostly expired listings,  We do much more.

We are open everyday with live customer service.

Our coverage area is North & Central  New Jersey. We offer the lowest fees for this type of service. No commissions, No hidden charges.

This service is simple and affordable, Once you complete the registration, You will receive your user name and password and have instant access to all our current listings, Also we will provide live one on one customer service.  We will assist you in setting appointments for you around your schedule. (time permitting) 

We match your criteria . Our placement rate is above 90% in less then 10 days. You can view unlimited Apartments.

Service is valid for 90 Days

All Listings on this site expire in a reasonable time and are update daily.

Our data base is by far one of the largest in New Jersey. No other data base of rentals is as up to date. No other company will give you this type of service at this price.  If you are looking for a rental and do not have time to waste,  You've come to the right company!

How do we do it?  Simply put - by letting you deal directly with the owners, We cut out the broker and real estate agents, Thereby eliminating any unreasonable commission and all the red tape that comes with them. 

We have spent years building one of largest and most complete data base of rentals in North New Jersey.

You get solid appointments to reasonably priced and well maintained apartments. All according to your schedule and a match to your criteria.

By letting you deal directly with the landlord you will save time and money. Appointments are set around your schedule and at your convenience. We also have a large number of Landlords that except pets.

If the Landlords require credit checks..etc. We will run a complete report once and provide you with copy's.

Landlords hire us to advertise and screen for them, We have thousands of private landlords in our current data base. This allows us to give you a much larger pool of rentals to pick from, 

We only deal with private landlords (As a refferal) who have rentals and require our tenant verification and booking service. We do not sale homes or show rentals.

We try very hard to get pictures from the landlords...But most of the time landlords do not provide them.

Many listings are posted by the owner and they do not include pictures!

If you are looking for pictures....deal with the landlord directly.

We do not accompany you to appointments.

Ther are no restictions on area or criteria.

You can have unlimted appointments.

All Phone Coversations are recorded for Quality Control, Also the web site logs and stores all listings you pull up and time stamps them.

If you have any questions at all..........Please call 732-543-0135